If you want to enter the foreign market, internationalize and capitalize your business, grow your sales and market share, receive additional income and optimize your profits — our company Prospectrus is at your service.
We are reliable and professional partner for the foreign companies, which have already entered the Russian market but want to achieve better results and for the foreign companies, which just have an idea to start and develop their businesses in Russia.
Here below you will find a complete list of services that you can request, both separately or “all in one” in case of a long-term collaboration.
Search for new customers and partners in the Russian market
We will identify and select the target partners: distributors, B2B clients, retailers (Federal and Regional ones) potential Private Label producers and etc. on the market, organize the meetings and support you while the customers’ visits and negotiations. Before starting the potential partners' search, we will do a market research and evaluate your potential perspectives. Then we will fill in, together with you, a partner's profile and prepare a list of potential contacts, than will send the advertising materials and the related offers to all the contacts. We will identify potential partners, interested in your offer, than we will fix the appointments and, on our own or together with the representative of your company, carry on meetings and negotiations, we will write down the data emerged during the meetings and map out a plan of actions to follow.
BDM outsourcing
If you think over “your local business development manager” in order to have a stronger control over the market and increase your volumes & values but you are not ready to invest heavily then we will be your representative on the Outsourcing Basis. We will evaluate new distribution opportunities via potential new partners, strengthen your distribution in the market, communicate your marketing activities, and work with distributors and retailers to ensure a 360 approach. We will assist you in getting of the certificates in order not to be aligned with the distributor, check trade-mark filings, resolve in-market issues, forecast demand to ensure ideal stock levels or duly supplies, import your products to Russia, hire a 3-rd party force (merchandising, logistic and etc.) for you.
Agent or Independent Sales Representative
In the industries in which we have been working for many years and have a good knowledge, great experience and network, we are ready to cooperate on the terms of Commission Based Sales or Independent Sales Representative. These best for us industries are agrochemicals/chemical, wood processing and wooden furniture manufacturing, metal processing, beauty and cosmetic, personal care, designers/architectures. Also, we can expand this kind of service to other industries if your product has a superior value proposition and competitive advantage. We will guarantee you a good result while you won’t bear any significant investments.
Consulting for the representative offices of foreign companies
At some point, the company stops developing: its business becomes obsolete. Sales and profitability of the company may still have positive dynamics, but the growth rate slows down — the company finds itself at the stage of stagnation. This service perfectly fits the foreign companies which have the representative office in Russia and need a fresh view on it from the point of MARKET, PRODUCT, CUSTOMER, BUSINESS MODEL. Who needs to find growth drivers to increase value, profits and margin, to enter new customers’ segments, systematize and structure the business processes and develop a new business plan.
European and Russia Trading House
At some point, the company stops developing: its business becomes obsolete. Sales and profitability of the company may still have positive dynamics, but the growth rate slows down — the company finds itself at the stage of stagnation. Taking into consideration the situation in the world market after February’22 we have made a decision to open a Trade Houses in Europe and Russia in order to help the European companies to import to Russia and minimize all the possible risks regarding the financial and transport logistics. We will receive the payments from the Russian companies in Russia, transfer the money into Europe without any problems and make the payments to your company for the goods. Then we will organize the logistic and customs process and your Russian partner will get your products in Russia. We also help you to get the certificates/declarations/state registration certificates/licenses. It also relates to the parallel import permissive documentation.
Internet-marketing services
Thanks to a professional team of specialists and our experience, we know how to work with the effective tools for lead generation and marketing communication to interact with the audience. We will make for you a Russian version of the web-site or landing page, taking into consideration all the USP of your products and the up-to-date web-sites requirements. We will launch different activities such as SEO, SMM, email marketing, PPC advertising and etc., will publish selling posts and articles in the native language, control the campaigns and budgets, do analytics and report to you on a regular basis. We will professionally organize off-line marketing activities for you as well: seminars, conferences, distributors’ meetings, exhibitions, we will do the follow-up of the exhibitions in order to get the fantastic ROI results.
Professional experience
service provision for business development of foreign companies in Russia for more than 15 years
Best recommendations
from our customers
ONE STEP Supplier
- we offer services which are based on the functions of both the export-manager and the local country manager
Recovering your costs
- we will compensate your costs for our export services by the commission off the sales upon its starting