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Is your company ready for Russian Market?

Please fill in the check-list and we will evaluate your level of readiness and prepare the plan for your business development in Russia

Company organization

1. Have you evaluated the resources (human/financial/manufacturing) which you need to start ex-porting?
2. Does your staff speak English/Russian?
3. Are there people in your company with International business development experience?
4. Is there an Export Manager inside your organisation?
5. Do you have clear planning which fits your export strategy?


6. Is your product adapted for the foreign market (e.g. translations, leaflets in Russian)?
7. Is your website available in Russian?
8. Is there a proven USP (unique selling point) for your offering which can be applied to the foreign markets as well?
9. Do you know your landed price (incl. customs duties, logistic costs, taxes)?
10. Is your landed price competitive against the local competition?

Market understanding

11. Is there a proven demand for your product/service in Russia?
12. Do you already have direct contact with target customers in Russia?
13. Have you evaluated the possible distribution channels?
14. Are there any restrictions/norm/certification for selling/using your products/services in Russia?
15. Do you know which of your competitors (foreign or local) is present on the Russian market?

Business model configuration

16. Do you want to work from your home country and deliver your offering directly from there?
17. Do you want to set up your own sales force in the target country?
18. Do you want to work through agents or distributors?
19. Do you want to establish your own legal entity (branch)?
20. Do you want to acquire a company that already has market share?

Your contact information

Export Expert for your business
Professional experience
service provision for business development of foreign companies in Russia for more than 15 years
Best recommendations
from our customers
ONE STEP Supplier
- we offer services which are based on the functions of both the export-manager and the local country manager
Recovering your costs
- we will compensate your costs for our export services by the commission off the sales upon its starting
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