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If you want to enter the world market, internationalise and capitalise your business, increase sales and market share, receive additional income and optimise your profit — our company Prospectrus is at your service.

Our company offers a complete range of services: from the functions of an Export Manager to those of a Local Country Manager. We assure the entrance of Italian companies in the new markets, the increase of sales and market share, and we also guarantee the management of the existing structural units. Here below you’ll find a complete list of services that you can request, both separately and “all in one” in case of a long-term collaboration.

Export strategy

We will check how prepared your company is for the export activity, we will elaborate an export strategy and will implement it. Export strategy is a step-by-step algorithm for preparing business processes of your company to enter the foreign market. It includes assessment of the export potential of products, assessment and analysis of the export potential of the market, prod-uct adaptation and development of the valuable offers for customers, adaptation of business pro-cesses and company structure, evaluation of the necessary investment. At this stage we also pre-pare all the advertising materials in Russian: company and product presentation, the description of the product, a web page or a website in Russian , etc. This stage includes a quick market test and/or a detailed research including the analysis of the competitors.

Market test & research

We evaluate your real opportunities on the Russian market, in the specific area where your products or services can be offered. Usually the research is preparatory for the selection of local partners to implement commercial activities with. This analysis allows the company to get the general idea in a preliminary way of the potential of the market in its specific area. At this stage it's also possible to make a more detailed analysis in order to trace the general image of the Russian and foreign competitors that operate in the relevant market area. Following the detailed market research, where the analysis of the market potential is made, the request and the market share is studied, competitors are analysed, the segments of consumers are identified and analysed, the product values are developed together with the superior value offer, the adequate business model and the strategy for entering the Russian market will be formed.

Express Market Test
Search & selection of distributors

Before starting the potential partners' search, we annotate, together with you, a partner's profile, then we prepare a list of potential contacts (their quantity can vary and depends from the market area, 20-40 contacts, for instance), and send the advertising material and the related offers to all the contacts, we make calls and identify potential partners, interested in your offer, we then fix the appointments and, on our own or together with the representative of your company, carry on meetings and negotiations, we write down the data emerged during the meetings and map out a plan of actions to follow. We investigate and select potentially interesting business partners on the basis of a scrupulous analysis of strong points of the service and/or product offered by the Italian company. After that, we directly organise the first meetings in order to check each of the identified contacts and select the really interesting potential clients. Then a meeting schedule will be designed, during these meetings Italian entrepreneur will be able to communicate with potential partners, who have been previously checked and selected by us and show real interest in cooperation. Every meeting is accompanied by a Prospectrus staff member.

Business development & active sales

A network if distributors in Russia and in the CIS, assistance in obtaining certificates and licenses, according to the law of the Russian Federation: a distributors/sales network at a federal level is created, we work with distribution agreements, foreign economic contracts, sales plans; here active sales begin, delivery of particular orders is coordinated, the financial policy is created, logistic and transport support is given, including the certification of the products: everything is controlled and superintended in its every stage by a our staff member. This is a very delicate stage that represents the heart of the service offered by PROSPECTRUS: when the businessman chooses the partners, commercial and communication instruments are created, that will allow the transformation of the opportunities, emerged during the first meetings, into a commercial activity. We will analyse together with the businessman the real opportunities for the company on the Russian market, defining real trading plans according to the identified distribution channels. We will help the company to realise the necessary business structure abroad.

Marketing activities & communication

When the Italian company assures itself of the possibilities of its products or services on the Russian market, the sales must be supported by a marketing plan that considers the specifics of the related contest. We define the plan together with the customer, involving specialised part-ners, should the particularity of the product or service require. With the help of a range of Rus-sian suppliers, created by us in the years, it is possible to realise marketing activities and obtain the necessary marketing instruments. We analyse all the possible types of marketing actions, select the most efficient ones for your business/market segment, organise events, targeted to make your business grow, to increase sales and the brand awareness. We will organise: your participation in exhibitions in Russia, projection and realisation of exhibition stands and the necessary informative-advertising material in the Russian language, the follow-up of the results of the exhibitions, creation of the data base of clients, the calls and newsletters; organisation and participation in seminars, conferences; advertising in printed sources; meetings of distributors; Internet marketing. Prospectrus develops marketing plans for a specific business strategy and in terms of peculiarity of a product, involving modern tools of Internet marketing.

Establishing of representative office & legal entity

With the aim of increasing the market share and of developing and controlling your busi-ness in Russia in the most efficient way we will provide you with the following services: to con-stitute a legal entity with a complete legal, fiscal and bank support; to establish a representative office, hiring staff and activating its work and, if necessary, continue to control the activity of the branch; to organise warehouses in Moscow and/or in other regions of Russia; to act as a head of the representative office or be part of the board of administration; to guarantee complete service and provide efficient assistance due to our professional team; to offer also an important support in financial terms, through a trusted bank, specialised in providing services for companies. Prospectrus, with the help of a legal studio, specialised in legal services for companies, offers complete legal assistance, should a company find itself in the need of protecting its interests in front of a Russian judge. We are also able to offer all the necessary, serious and competent assistance, both accounting and fiscal, providing a service on a turn-key basis at extremely competitive costs.

Monitoring of your office due to headquarter’ requirements

In case you already have your representative office in the Russian territory and you want to or-ganise its work in a more efficient way, avoiding elevated costs of business trips, we offer you our service of monitoring the activity of your office due to the requirements established by head-quarter. We can do auditing of the commercial or financial activity, prepare the development strategy of the business, make a marketing analysis. We are able to exercise control over financial indexes and the activity of your representative office, sending to the headquarters relative monthly reports, or exercise an inspection of the financial and commercial activity of your repre-sentative office. This will allow you to save time, expenses, and also to have a complete control of the activity of this office remotely.


If you are ready and want to enter the Russian market through the acquisition of a local operating business or other assets, we will be happy to accompany you at all stages of the M&A deal, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary risks and to reduce costs. The aim is, proceeding from the client's requests, to select ideal businesses/assets to be purchased, according to the crite-ria of choice defined earlier. The stages of cooperation: market research and preparation of a short-list of companies that may be of interest from the point of view of their acquisition, Due Diligence (analysis of the company before the purchase), analysis of the cost of the asset, carry-ing on the negotiations, assistance and complete support during the deal, integration. This service also includes the following: preparation and structuring of the investment projects, analysis of the risks, elaboration of a business plan of the investment project, selection of the territories and other real estate items, organisation of support for the investment project by the executive au-thorities of the Russian Federation, selection of free economic zones and of a convenient tax treatment, foundation of joint ventures.

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