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Our company Prospectrus provides a full range of services for the foreign companies which are already presented in Russia but want to grow their sales and market share rapidly and those companies which just develop the internationalization strategy and have the ambitious target to enter the Russian market. We will develop the business model for you and fully implement it.
About us
Once the company Prospectrus was established the aim was to offer to our customers all the services necessary for the successful business development in Russia. We have built a reliable and professional team of the specialists, have launched the successful business model and guarantee the best result to our customers. We are specialized both in B2B and B2C, have a good experience in different industries and assists the foreign companies at every stage to find new customers in Russia. We have become the contact #1 in Russia for export managers all over the world.
Oksana Evdokimova is an experienced Business Development professional of Russian nationality. She has a proven experience in B2B markets in different industries but also she successfully has developed an effective distribution network through the Russian Federation and CIS countries for the international companies.
Oksana Evdokimova
CEO ProspectRus
MBA, Executive Management
Digital marketing
Professional auditor
M&A specialist
development manager
Customer service
Laurea Linguistica
The figures of success
years experience (for more than 15 years of business development of foreign companies in Russia we have a great experience in the strategic planning, active sales in B2B and B2C, have a reliable and professional team and are ready to offer you a full range of services for the internationalization of your business).
customer contacts in Russia (for more than 10 years we have been collecting customer contacts in different segments and industries of the market which will assist you to enter the Russian market quicker).
we are the only company which operates as ONE-STEP supplier for our customers. It means that we offer services which are based on the functions of both the export-manager and the local country manager. We develop the export strategy for you, take the responsibility to realize it, develop you business in Russia and will be your local representative.
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Our Services
Market research & audit

We evaluate your real opportunities on the Russian market, in the specific area where your products or services can be offered. We will conduct the market analyses including the industries, sectors, geographical coverage, and market segmentation. We will examine the imported volumes and identify the main importers and suppliers. We will review the foreign and local competitors focusing on their competitive advantages and price level. We will develop the superior value proposition for your products and analyze all the possible distribution channels. Then we will prepare an overview in order to let you know the real opportunities and the investments required. In case of your presence at the Russian market we will undertake the audit of your position, activities, business-model, access new distribution opportunities via potential new partners, prepare our recommendations how to achieve better results and work on them further.

Search for new customers and partners in the Russian market.

We will identify and select the target partners: distributors, agents, B2B clients, retailers (Federal and Regional ones) potential Private Label producers and etc. on the market, organize the meetings and support you while the customers’ visits and negotiations. Before starting the potential partners' search, we will do a market research and evaluate your potential perspectives. Then we will fill in, together with you, a partner's profile and prepare a list of potential contacts, than will send the advertising materials and the related offers to all the contacts. We will identify potential partners, interested in your offer, than we will fix the appointments and, on our own or together with the representative of your company, carry on meetings and negotiations, we will write down the data emerged during the meetings and map out a plan of actions to follow.

Your representative office in Russia

If you think over to move from the “distribution model” to “your local representative office” in order to have a stronger control over the market and increase your volumes & values but you are not ready to invest heavily then we will be your representative office in Russia on the Outsourcing Basis. We will provide you with the sales force, technical specialists to serve your customers in Russia, access new distribution opportunities via potential new partners, strengthen your distribution in the market, communicate your marketing activities, and work with distributors and retailers to ensure a 360 approach. We will assist you in getting of the certificates in order not to be aligned with one distributor, check trade-mark filings, resolve in-market issues, forecast demand to ensure ideal stock levels or duly supplies, import your products to Russia, hire a 3-rd party force (merchandising, logistic and etc.) for you.

Your presence at Russian Marketplaces

Today, the marketplaces are promising and well-managed channel for selling and promoting products. This distribution channel can be considered as an alternative strategy for the quicker foreign market penetration and better results on sales and ROI. We will be your partner for the local marketplaces in Russia: Wildberries, Ozon, Yandex Market- Beru, Goods etc. We will assist you in delivering of your goods to the warehouses of marketplaces in Russia, help in obtaining of the certificates and all the necessary permits, register your brand and products on Russian marketplaces, prepare and upload the content, set up promotion tools, form an assortment matrix, provide sales support and customer support, provide analytics and performance reports. We guarantee you a professional approach, comprehensive range of services and “turn-key” cooperation model.

Internet Marketing & Marketing activities

Thanks to a professional team of specialists and our experience, we know how to work with the effective tools for lead generation and marketing communication to interact with the audience. We will make for you a Russian version of the web-site or landing page, taking into consideration all the USP of your products and the up-to-date web-sites requirements. We will launch different activities such as SEO, SMM, email marketing, PPC advertising and etc., will publish selling posts and articles in the native language, control the campaigns and budgets, do analytics and report to you on a regular basis. We will professionally organize off-line marketing activities for you as well: seminars, conferences, distributors’ meetings, exhibitions, we will do the follow-up of the exhibitions in order to get the fantastic ROI results.


If you are ready and want to enter the Russian market through the acquisition of a local operating business or other assets, we will be happy to accompany you at all stages of the M&A deal, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary risks and to reduce costs. The aim is, proceeding from the client's requests, to select ideal businesses/assets to be purchased, according to the previously defined choice criteria. The stages of cooperation: market research and preparation of a short-list of companies that may be of interest from the point of view of their acquisition, Due Diligence (analysis of the company before the purchase), analysis of the cost of the asset, carrying on the negotiations, assistance and complete support during the deal, integration. This service also includes the establishing of the local production unit, selection of free economic zones and foundation of joint ventures.

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Our projects
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., is one of the major American manufacturer of household, personal care and healthcare products that is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey and registered in Delaware. Producer of the world famous brands such as: Arm & Hammer, Nair, Batiste, OxiClean, Toppik, Water Pik, Pepsodent and many others. The company had the distributor in Russia but wanted to evaluate all the market possibilities and significantly expand their market share.

Prospectrus team performed as the consultant and the business development team in this case.

What we have done: - we have analysed the market in case of new distribution channels; - assessed new distribution opportunities via potential new partners; - organized the business meetings with the potential customers; - executed the retail audit in order to understand the general presence and absence indicators; - evaluated the resources/activities allocated to keep being #1 on the market; - prepared the business plan&recommendations;

Contacts and business relations have been established, successful business negotiations have been held with major partners in Russia. The distribution and sales network on a federal level is in the process.

church dwight
The project has started in 2010. Development and management of sales network in Moscow and other regions in Russia. Prior to that, a quick market test was done. As a result of a Quick Market Test the recommendation on the right value proposition of the product was given and the product was adjusted according to the Russian norms and legislation. A distribution/sales network on the federal level was created in major Russian cities. The distributors agreements were signed with the annual forecast turnover.
The project was executed in 2017. Before entering the Russian market the company wanted to understand what the market potential was and PROSPECTRUS carried out a market research in order to estimate the real possibilities of the company in the Russian market. The research had a preparatory format during which market potential, demand and market share were studied; consumers, market pricing and offered value of goods were analyzed; competitive analysis was carried out and the recommendations on the strategy were formed, all of which let the company evaluate its market potential in the definite market segment in advance.
The project was realized in 2007-2011. To enter the Russian market through the acquisition of local assets, which allow the company to avoid unnecessary risks and reduce costs. The company was ready and wanted to increase its market share by means of local production organisation. The facilities required were bought, the equipment was imported and installed, the staff was hired. Prospectrus accompanied this project for more than 3 years, supporting all the development activities, starting form the production plant management, to sales and business development. Also PR and marketing communication to increase the brand awareness.
The project was realized in 2017. The head office made a decision to audit their local branch and work out a procedure to control its financial statements remotely. We made an audit of the financial and commercial activities, started monitoring the financial and commercial performance on a constant basis, sent monthly reports to the head office.
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