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For more than 15 years Prospectrus has been providing business development services to foreign companies in Russia. We have created a reliable and professional team of specialists, launched a successful business model and guarantee our clients the best possible result. We have become the No. 1 contact person in Russia for export managers all over the world. We are searching for strategic partners, opening representative offices, and providing full business support to foreign companies in Russia in the B2B and B2C segments. We will help you to minimize all risks and successfully develop your business in Russia.

Business development of foreign companies in Russia (We have our own sales organization ready in Russia, which can be actually outsourced by you):

  • Development of a business model and business plan
  • Market analysis
  • Accessing new distribution opportunities, searching for new leads (distributors, final B2B clients)
  • Building a distribution network on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Contacts with Federal and regional Modern Trade (access to buyers)
  • Working with distributors and retailers to ensure a 360 approach
  • Sales representative / manager, entirely for your business (number of specialists and functionality according to customer requirements and business objectives)
  • Maintenance of contracts and deliveries, order processing, customer service
  • Providing a legal entity (for import deliveries, processing of certificates, etc.)
  • Acceptance of payments and transfer of funds to supplier/manufacturer accounts
  • Organization of a service/technical department for B2B companies
  • Identifying 3rd Party logistics opportunities, storage facilities
  • Examining importation options (e.g. bonded warehousing)
  • Independent 3rd party to register our products with ministries, such that the company is not tied to one distributor
  • Checking trade-mark filings
  • Access to local law firms to resolve in-market issues, customs consultations
  • Hiring a 3rd party merchandising force

Opening a representative office / Business support

  • Full range of services for the organization of the representative office / LLC in Russia
  • Registration of a legal entity
  • Preparation of constituent documents
  • Choosing a bank and opening an account
  • Searching and renting office space
  • Searching for storage space
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Participation in the Board of Directors (Independent Director)
  • Development and conclusion of labor contracts
  • Accounting, tax and legal support
  • Registration of trademarks and patents

This service is suitable for companies that are already present in Russia, but want to increase their presence. This service also will be interesting to those companies who want to, but are not yet ready to open their representative office in Russia.

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Express Market Test will be useful in the following cases

Market overview Publicly available data on market
Customs procedures Customs codes and duties
Competition overview Potential competitors present
in the Russian market and their price range
Internet inquiries analysis Internet inquiries analysis
Distribution channels Possible distribution channels' evaluation
Opportunities and recommendations Business opportunities/General recommendation
Legislation Legislation including certificates required
to sell your products in Russia

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